6 days Yoga. massage and music therapy Retreat

Available dates:20 to 25 November 2016Booking

Program thought for six days, since Sunday until Friday.

Every morning we are going to start the day with a Kundalini Yoga Practice. The main purpose of that activity is unlocking our bodies to be allowed to express our emotions. We work with all parts of our existence (body, mind, emotions, and soul) it is an intense practice of 2 hours. It is very powerful and very nice to feel better and put out of your life that big bag you are used to carry on.

Later we will have a massage course where we are going to learn how to do a correct massage with lots of practice if you are ready. If you don’t like be in touch with other people you have the chance to do a meditation or some exercises in the pool, I will be very please to help you.

After meals we are going to feel music, our bodies and expressing emotions with lots of rhythm and happiness. Every day will be different we will do meditations, psycomotricity, dance, etc.

For finish every day we will have a Hatha yoga practice very nice to calm our mind and work with our bodies in another way much more quiet and connecting with us and everything around us.


Goals and benefits of that program

Kundalini Yoga: stress alleviation, expanded lung capacity, increased flexibility, strong core, move more quickly the energy hold in your spine and as a result you will have clear mind and renovated energy.

Massage Course: with massages you can reduce or eliminate pain, improve join mobility, improve circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and reduce muscular tension. Also it helps with anxiety and stress disorders.

Music Therapy: develop positive self-image, stimulate the brain waves and helps people develop a positive mind state; reduce stress (lowers blood pressure).

Hatha Yoga: tones the spine, increase flexibility, relaxes the mind and releases tension in the body, helps with cravings and for me the most important reason is that helps people connect with themselves, with our own essence.


  • 08:45 : Organic healthy and delicious breakfast
  • 10:00 : Morning kundalini Yoga class
  • 12:00 : Rest time and time for snacks
  • 13:00 : Organic vegetarian lunch
  • 14:00 : Silence hour or mindfulness hour (optional)
  • 15:00 : Free time for reading, walking, resting
  • 18:00 : Hatha yoga class
  • 19:15 : Meditation class
  • 19:45 : Question and answer session
  • 20:00 : Organic vegetarian dinner


Teacher: Azucena

Azuceba Catrrasco. She has a great interest and she is very motivated to help people as youer career develops. For she, it is very important to promote in the patients well being and improve their physical health as well as their mental and emotional health.
She offer your knowledge on the technique with many years of experience based in a therapy approach.
She has experience in meditation groups and teaching yoga to people from different countries and cultures. Actually she teach yoga for High level sport practitioners and Chair yoga for seniors.