6 Days. Chakras Meditation and Yoga

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A life changing yoga retreat doesn’t need to be expensive. Here at Yoga Eco Oasis we aim to provide you with excellence at every level during your yoga retreat stay and at a reasonable price. Yoga Eco Oasis has a lot of experience in running yoga retreats with several different themes in Spain. On Yoga Eco Oasis retreat, you can be sure that the quality of excellence in every aspect is constantly maintained and that a warm homely atmosphere as well as personal attention for each guest are guaranteed. All teachers team have travelled the world learning from the most experienced yogis in order to give you the best in yoga knowledge that the world has to offer. Other teachers have also studied nutrition to a very high level in order to give you the most delicious and healthy meals available on any yoga retreat in the world.

Chakras is a Sanskrit word meaning, “wheels of energy.”

The seven chakras, when awakened, cause a transformation of consciousness and physical changes in the body. The body will experience ultimate health and the mind will posses a “knowing” not of this world. An awakened chakra spins or turns, and the sensation can be felt in the body.

The kundalini energy that travels through the seven chakras of the body is called prana. Prana is the vital life-force energy…the spark of life within us. Without prana, there is no life.

The visual rendering of the seven chakra symbols was achieved beyond the Earthly senses and came about as a knowing from realized people who had achieved balance in the main chakras.

Kundalini or Shakti energy is known in all shamanic cultures around the world as the “divinizing” or “spiritualizing” energy in a human being. It’s the dormant energy that rests at the base of the spine, waiting for the chakras to align in harmony to awaken it.

When this awakening begins, the kundalini energy activates each of the seven chakras as they are ready. The movement starts at the Root Chakra. Awakening and a new higher levels of consciousness are achieved as this vital energy rises through the other chakras

Yoga means “union” or “discipline.”  And Yoga is particularly effective in releasing these energies.

Your Daily Schedule



  • 15:00 Picking in meeting point
  • 16.00 pm Arrive
  • 17.30 pm Welcome and introduction teachers
  • 19.00 pm Dinner


  • 8.30 am Muladhara Yoga Class
  • 10.30 am Breakfast
  • 12.00 pm  Activity 1st Chakra
  • 13:30 p.m. Lunch
  • 17.30 pm  Swaditshana Yoga Class practice 2nd Chakra
  • 19.00 pm Questions & Answers or Meditation
  • 19.30 pm Dinner
  • Tertulia or videos optional


  • 8.30 am Manipura Yoga Class
  • 10.30 am Breakfast
  • 12.00 pm Activity 3rd chakra
  • 13:30 pm Lunch
  • 17.30 pm  Svadhisthana Yoga Class and practice
  • 19.00 pm Questions & Answers or meditation
  • 19.30 pm Dinner
  • Tertulia or videos optional


  • 8.30 am Vissudha Yoga Class
  • 10.30 am Breakfast
  • 12.00 pm Free Day. (Optonal Excursion to the town and cave of Nerja, and lunch in the beach in summer or Hiking)
  • 19:00 pm Meditation
  • 20:00 Dinner (optional)


  • 8.30 am   Ajna Yoga Class
  • 10.30 am Breakfast
  • 12.00 pm Activity Meditation walking
  • 13:30 pm Lunch
  • 17.30 pm  Sahasrara Yoga Class
  • 19.00 pm  Meditation and silent
  • 19.30 pm  Dinner


  • 8.30 am  Rainbow Yoga Class
  • 10.30 am Breakfast
  • 12:00 pm Departure


Your Teacher: Irazú

In 2008, she was travelled to Soiano dei Lago in Italy to study with Dona Holleman and then went on to gain the 400hr Yoga Instructor Certificate in 2012 at Semilla Yoga, with Claudia Guerrero, Pilar Casillas, Alicia Ramos and Jñana Dakini as my main mentors. Since then she have taught yoga at Semilla Yoga and other Yoga schools, gyms, parks, clinics and offices, sharing the joy of yoga with different people.

Your studies have included Vipassana meditation and Chinese Traditional Medicine courses, Radiant Child Yoga program with Shakta Khalsa, Centered Yoga Teacher Training with Dona Holleman, Anatomy for movement Training with Marcela Sanchez, Ashtanga Yoga retreat with David Williams, Iyengar Yoga course with Christian Pisano and June Whittaker, Tantra Yoga workshop with Michael Stewart, Yoga Philosophy with Shashi Dhar Dimri, Mindfulness workshops with Alejandro Velasco, Restorative and Therapeutic yoga courses with Luis Becerril, and Mantra Yoga classes with Donald Niedermayer and Paola Giovine.

Note: Yoga Eco Oasis saves itself the right to change the teacher and even the yoga type of the retreat. In case of not acceptance on the part of the visitor, will reserve spot for another retreat of the same characteristics or the money will be returned to costumer.