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Yoga, mudras and PranayamaBooking

Through the practice of asanas or postures, and conscious relaxation, the body benefits from balancing many of its internal functions and posture.

The practice of postures in  Yoga is based on the joint action of these three principles: stretching, toning and relaxation.

By means of stretching we liberate the tensions of the body, taking awareness and developing the attention of the muscles and internal functions of the body.

The postures gradually tone the supportive muscles of the spine and the parts of the body, achieving the strength and stability of the posture, and correcting bad habits of posture.

The development is smooth and gradual, avoiding sudden movements, or unnecessary effort.

By means of relaxation we increase the ability of the body to replenish the energy, and release toxins generated during the muscular effort.

In Hatha Yoga, one performs a sequence of asanas or postures that strengthen and benefit fully the body, taking it toward harmonious development.


In the breath is the key to life. The respiratory function happens day and night throughout life, being the physiological support and energy of all the other functions, of the entire activity-passivity of our body-mind.

Despite its deep importance, for the vast majority of people breathing is the background of other activities and its continuous flow remains in the periphery of consciousness.

Improving the uptake of oxygen and the elimination of carbon dioxide purifies the lungs and airways.

– Increases the blood circulation. It purifies the blood. Tones the heart, nervous system, the spinal cord and the brain.

– Ensures a good circulation of body fluids in the kidneys, stomach, intestines, liver, etc., stimulating the digestive process and the elimination of toxins.

– Gives calmness, serenity and mental clarity. Stimulates the intellectual performance and improves the memory.

– The pranayamas induce a state of mind conducive to achieving deep states of introspection, concentration and meditation.

We will work with Yoga and pranayama :

Through the different daily sessions we will seek to connect and develop the consciousness in:

– Our ability to observe the natural breath

– Blockages produced by the negative emotions or uncontrolled activity of the thoughts

– Let the respiratory force express itself freely

– Adequate control of the diaphragm and the respiratory muscles, which gives the maximum degree of lung expansion to absorb the greatest quantity of the vital energy of air.

– Pranayama breathing with ratios

– Complete breathing

– Nadhi Sodhana

– Anuloma Viloma

– Postural control (muscle tone and physique)

– Relax and tone

– Balances

– Energetic and relaxing asanas.

The regular practice of asanas and pranayama generates an increase in the general vital energy (prana), eliminating many of the symptoms of stress, tiredness, muscle contractures and poor posture.

Purifying food makes more powerful practice, and makes it deep and incisive, which facilitates a restoration of the internal organs and an optimisation of personal potential energy.

Conscious exercise of breathing, relaxation and postures develop and strengthen the nervous system. For example, the balance postures stimulate stability and somatosensory awareness.

At the same time during relaxation acting on the autonomic nervous system, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. This produces an effect of calmness in the mind, helping to combat stress and anxiety.

The work on the nervous system balances functions such as digestion, elimination, sleep and circulation, which have been altered by the effects of stress.Booking

Your Yoga Teacher: Irazú

In 2008, she was travelled to Soiano dei Lago in Italy to study with Dona Holleman and then went on to gain the 400hr Yoga Instructor Certificate in 2012 at Semilla Yoga, with Claudia Guerrero, Pilar Casillas, Alicia Ramos and Jñana Dakini as my main mentors. Since then she have taught yoga at Semilla Yoga and other Yoga schools, gyms, parks, clinics and offices, sharing the joy of yoga with different people.

Your studies have included Vipassana meditation and Chinese Traditional Medicine courses, Radiant Child Yoga program with Shakta Khalsa, Centered Yoga Teacher Training with Dona Holleman, Anatomy for movement Training with Marcela Sanchez, Ashtanga Yoga retreat with David Williams, Iyengar Yoga course with Christian Pisano and June Whittaker, Tantra Yoga workshop with Michael Stewart, Yoga Philosophy with Shashi Dhar Dimri, Mindfulness workshops with Alejandro Velasco, Restorative and Therapeutic yoga courses with Luis Becerril, and Mantra Yoga classes with Donald Niedermayer and Paola Giovine.