Your Timetable

Your timetable starts on Sunday at 1pm with lunch and is then followed later by the evening classes. It then continues through every day until Friday lunchtime.

Typical Timetable


8.00am Light Breakfast

8.30am Meditation

8.30am to 10.00am Morning  Yoga Class

11.00am Lunch Break

The lunch break includes free time for nature walks, swimming, reading, self-practice, silence and time to oneself

Early Evening

 5.00pm Yoga Class or Worskhop

7.00pm Talk & Debate, Question and Answer Session

7.30pm Dinner

 The evening workshop class covers topics such as, backbends, balancing postures, hip opening exercises, shoulder opening exercises, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, aspects of meditation, aspects of breathing techniques (pranayama), chanting, aspects of philosophy, chakras, vegan cooking and so forth according to the needs and wants of the student group you are with and according to the topic of the particular retreat that is running. Note that the workshops at your retreat centre can even be focussed towards a particular posture you want to move towards learning. At Yoga Eco Oasis, the system of teaching is based upon personalising the classes and workshops towards your needs and desires to help you learn and develop as you want.

Note that all the classes and workshops are all optional during your yoga retreats. We want you to develop at your own pace and we want you to enjoy your stay.

  • This is a type timetable. Each Teacher can change timetable depending of specific program.