José A.

From a young age I was interested in mysticism and practiced in different Western schools looking for one that would give me inner harmony that I was seeking. I practised mind control and meditation for many years.

After a search into the interior of human beings, I wanted to find the balance of the human being on the physical side and always thought that food had to be a very important factor to find the desired balance that is constantly being searched for by humans: health. For this I inquired in different schools of nutrition and alimentation; a scrambled sea with different theories, within a system that constantly throws contradictory messages to society about diet and health.

I found in the studies of the Life Science Institute my own squaring of the circle. The life science Institute gave me the missing piece to complete the puzzle. I found that the teachings of this health system fit perfectly with the ancient teachings offered in the ancient Vedic texts on Sattvic, Tamasic and Rajasic food. I learned that obtaining health is within each person. And equal to what I learned in the mystical studies, the mandate already written in the ancient temple of Apollo in Delphos “know thyself” was repeated once again.

That led me to dedicate myself to reconcile nutrition with our spiritual side, because one can hardly balance one’s energy body if the physical body is not properly harmonised. And dedicated entirely to provide students the necessary path for the body to function properly according to our biological heritage.