“Yoga is the integration of head, heart and hand. One learns how to allow the heart to direct the head, and the head to direct the instincts and desires behind our actions (hand)”

My Words

My interest in yoga goes back long before I qualified as a yoga teacher. It has been through the practice of yoga and the benefits that this discipline has brought to my life, that I decided to dedicate to yoga professionally. I obtained my qualification with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Neyar Daam, India in 2003 and I have been building up my yoga teaching skills since then, thus developing a new career, (I originally graduated as a journalist and later obtained a MA in Film Studies).

I have a broad experience teaching and leading yoga retreats, as I have been working with over 50 retreat groups during the past three years. I also offer Thai Yoga massages treatments and I have been teaching Thai Yoga Massage training courses for over 10 years. (See more information on “Other Activities”)

I thoroughly enjoy teaching yoga and I am very committed to the students. Each of my classes is carefully prepared according to the needs and level of the group. My method is based on a synthesis of the ancient wisdom of yoga and dynamic practices to suit modern life. I teach hatha yoga; a form of yoga which works with body postures, breathing techniques and induced relaxation.

My sessions are based on the practice of INTEGRAL YOGA, which means that I seek to create a balance between the physical, psychic and spiritual aspects of each individual, so each session is designed to bring about a sense of harmony between both the external (the body) and the internal (sensations, feelings, thoughts) dimensions.

My yoga program is designed to give guests the opportunity to experience the benefits and satisfaction of a daily yoga practice and apply them to everyday life. We know that the challenge often lies in keeping up with the practice once we have returned to our everyday responsibilities. Therefore, my yoga sessions are very practical and would provide the group with various yoga techniques and ways of integrating and adapting yoga into their daily life realistically.

The purpose of all my classes is to increase the individual’s awareness of the body/mind relationship, helping them to understand how both react upon each other. It is through this awareness that students can relate to their bodies in a healthier way as well as dealing with emotions, worries and stress more effectively.

Carmen is a qualified yoga teacher with many years of teaching experience both in Spain and the UK. She has been teaching yoga and meditation in yoga retreats to over 50 groups for the past three years. She teaches INTEGRAL YOGA a form of yoga that seeks to create a balance between the physical, psychic and spiritual aspects of each individual. She is also a Thai Massage therapist and has been teaching Thai Massage Training Courses for over 10 years.