“let the world be your family”


From birth we merge, in our bodily sensations and perceptions, thus assimilating, the infinite stimuli we receive from outside and usually enjoying good physical and mental health.

Somehow, I have always sought to maintain a healthy relationship with the physical aspect of being human, because there is no doubt that the body is the vehicle in which we live and transform all our experiences.

I have practiced dance professionally for twenty years, working with the most important companies of Spain, experiencing thus the perfect union between body work and artistic expression. This discipline has also taught me that art is a sublimation of the everyday, of the natural. In dance one transcends the simple routine movement and often, unconscious of our life, becomes a conscious expression of being human in movement.

A second stage in my personal and professional experience corresponds to the encounter with the practice and teaching of Yoga.

Yoga appears with greater inwardness and depth in the own universe, without abandoning body work at all; quite the contrary, by adding a more holistic and complete approach of being human.

The countless psychophysical techniques that Yoga offers (body postures, breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation, among others), have become the focus of my present experience, unifying the acquired and known, with the new to discover.

Yoga, body therapies, dance, and meditation are bases of my personal monument to life.

The body and mind are the vehicle of our experience and on their status depend our feelings and experiences.

The mind balanced by Mindfulness or Mindfulness in Yoga brings us back physical health, mental and spiritual depth that is the goal of life.

In Mindfulness and Yoga classes I incorporate this baggage, so that the body and mind come to their innate freedom, experiencing an expanded experience that enables self-knowledge, expression and an enduring state of well-being and happiness.

He is a skillful and intuitive yoga teacher passionate about helping others connect with their inner selves. For over 20 years I have been dancing in the most prestigious Spanish dance companies ( Antonio Gades) then I met the inner spirit of Yoga and I became a certified yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta school in Neyyar Dam, India, 2003. Since then I have been sharing my passion for yoga . I like to teach in a inspiring and fun way to reach a very meditation spirit at the end of the class. Besides the hatha yoga style I introduce my pupils to others various styles of yoga ( a nurturing combination of Hatha, Asthanga, Vinyasa flow and Community Yoga ).