“Let’s eat with gratitude and full conscience”

Since 1999 when Ana came into contact with veganism, she made a personal decision to adopt that philosophy of life. This is a philosophy that renounces food of animal origin, in search of a personal ethic in harmony with the environment without sacrificing the pleasure of tasting flavours, textures and aromas.

She later set up her own restaurant and was completely self-taught researching and creating her own culinary style. There were many people who, because of her exquisite cuisine, took the decision to change their diet for a healthier and ethical one.

Thousands of people tasted the delicious meals prepared by the hands of Ana, and so began a new way of teaching this type of cuisine. She was Professor and Chef of vegetarian / vegan cooking courses for more than 12 years. She was responsible for preparing food for more than 100 guests at the XIII International Vegan Festival as well as many other international events; managing to transform the typical recipes from each country in others that respect her philosophy of life (Ahimsa). She also directed the kitchen in many Yoga centres.

Instructor of international cuisine in GoVegan since five years, she has helped to teach many people to eat healthily and in an exquisite form, and especially easily. She adapts bloodless cooking to the distinct styles of different countries’ cuisine and adapts her philosophy to these typical recipes. She always seeks the substitution of ingredients of animal origin for others of vegetable origin. Also trained as a massage therapist and interested in issues of women’s circles, make Ana a cookery teacher kitchen who will always put on her plates as the main ingredient: love.