Your faq’s

What things are included in the fee?
Accommodation at your yoga retreat centre, all classes, three healthy vegetarian organic meals a day and use of the swimming pool as well as the transfers mentioned below from Malaga airport. Please note that flights to Malaga airport are not included

Are the yoga retreats suitable for beginners?
Yes the yoga retreats are suitable for students of all levels including beginners because all the classes are personalised for the students on each particular yoga retreat. Our aim is for you to move at your own pace – at a pace that you enjoy and feel comfortable at.

I have never studied Yoga before. Will your yoga retreats be suitable for me?

Yes the  Yoga taught at your yoga retreat centre uses ‘vinyasa’ or movement  and flow from one posture to another to bring you closer in awareness to the breath and to give you the experience of meditation. Practitioners from all backgrounds should gain benefits of meditation and inner silence by practising with us.

Which language will the classes be in at our yoga retreat centre?
Classes at your yoga retreat centre will normally be in English. However, the  teacher or others,  also speaks French, Spanish,  so if you would like certain aspects explained in these languages please let us know.

 Can the yoga retreat centre arrange transport for me to and from Malaga airport?

Yes we can. Transport to and from Malaga airport are included in your stay. Collection time from Malaga airport is normally 15pm on Sundays and on Fridays you are normally collected from Yoga Eco Oasis at 2pm to be dropped off at 3pm at Malaga aiport for flights leaving after 5pm. Contact us at mail to confirm your arrival and departure details as soon as your flights are booked. Please inform us of all flight details including flight times and flight numbers as well as your full name so that our driver can check for any flight alterations. Remember you are welcome to spend a night before or after the retreat in Malaga and then make your way by taxi, bus or train to or from Malaga airport for pick up or for drop off. That way you can enjoy a day or two in the cultural city if you decide to book a hotel there.

What kind of meals are served at the yoga retreat centre?
We serve the healthiest, most delicious vegetarian vegan food using locally grown fruit and vegetables from Andalucia on every yoga retreat. We use only organic ingredients. The recipes used are created by health and nutrition experts including José and Anna, the founders of Yoga Eco Oasis. Wholemeal foods will be used as well as foods low in saturated fat during your yoga retreats. The nutritional basis of the food you eat will also be explained to you.

Is there any meat available on the yoga retreats?
No there is no meat or fish on the yoga retreats. All the food is vegetarian in the tradition of yoga and ahimsa (non-violence). The yoga tradition encourages the vegetarian diet during the practice of meditation in order to increase the experience of peace.

What about protein?
Your meals at the yoga retreat centre will contain beans, nuts, avocados, tofu, seeds and other vegetarian sources of protein, allowing you to build core, back and other muscle groups that have been developed from practising yoga postures by yogis for millenia.

Is alcohol available on the yoga retreats?
No. Drinking alcohol prevents the mind from reaching deep states of meditation and our aim is that you leave the centre feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. With this is in mind, we ask that you do not drink alcohol or smoke in the yoga retreat centre.

What should I bring with me to my yoga retreat?
We have yoga mats which you are more than welcome to use. Alternatively , if you prefer to bring your own mat you are welcome to do so too. We also provide you with towels. There is organic body wash and organic shampoo for you to use in the bathrooms as well. Do remember to bring loose clothing for practising the yoga postures. Also, bring a shawl for meditation practice if you have one. Remember also to book travel insurance before you come, print off your boarding passes and pack we prefer use Aloe (here are with you) for sun protection if you are going to sit by the pool. Bring insect repellent too just in case – we recommend citronella based ones as they are more natural. Bring walking boots if you want to go for nature walks in the mountains. As well as this remember your travel adaptor if you are bringing a laptop etc. A note book would also be good for writing down all the new things that you are going to learn. Above all make sure you bring a lot of enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude as this will help you get the most out of your stay.

Why should I come to Yoga Eco Oasis?

Our intent is to provide an authentic experience of spiritual development – to allow you to grow and to find yourself at each yoga retreat you attend. In India there are an ancient saying ‘Atithi devo bhava’ meaning ‘Revere you guest as God’. This saying goes back to our ancient scriptures of the Vedas. We want you to really feel the spirituality and reverence that we speak of in our greeting ‘Namaste’ in each of your stay with us at your yoga retreat centre. ‘Namaste’ is a Sanskrit (ancient Indian) word that means that the spirit in me bows down to the spirit in you. During your yoga retreats at Yoga Eco Oasis we want you to really awaken the spirit within yourself and to feel alive not just in terms of health but in terms of spirituality too. We hope that our welcoming spirit makes you want to come back to your yoga retreats again and again to help you to awaken yourself and find yourself.

What can I do with my time in between classes after lunch?

You can go for a nature walk in the mountains and admire some of the stunning views here as well as breath in some of the lovely mountain air. You can also arrange a trip with our driver to the surrounding villages or to the local beach. There is a nearby natural parkas well that our driver can take you to if you feel like a beautiful walk one day. You can read more about Competa village by clicking here. Most people, however, like to relax by the pool, read, chat to new friends at your yoga retreat centre or listen to quiet music.

Is Wi-Fi available when I am at my retreat centre?

Yes you can access the wi-fi connection from your retreat centre to check your email or learn new things from the internet.

Can I come if I am pregnant?

If you have a regular yoga practice and are more than 3 months pregnant it would certainly be lovely for you to practice here. Remember to check first with doctor that he or she is comfortable with you coming to a yoga retreat and also check with your airline that they are okay for you to fly during this period.

How do I book?

You can see your availability and make your booking on the Your Yoga Retrats Available dates page . You need to make a deposit of 99 euros by paypal and complete your registration form on this page which includes your health form. The balance then needs to be paid in cash in Euros on the day you arrive as we have no credit card facilities here. It is possible to pay the balance by paypal before arrival but we need to charge you 10% more in this case to cover the commission we pay to paypal.

How do I book my flights?

We recommend using either or to search for the most reasonable flights from your nearest airports. The closest airport to us is Malaga.

What is the maximum number of students on each retreat?

There are normally a maximum of 10 students on each retreat. This alllows for us to give a lot of personal attention to each student’s development.

What other treatments are available at the centre?

There are people from the local villages who can come to give you massages or reflexology treatments. Treatments tend to cost around 40 euros each. Please feel free to email us if you want to find out more:

Are there any volunteer positions at Yoga Eco Oasis?

If you have good language skills, communication skills, administration skills, you love yoga and meditation, you want to work hard and share happiness with others whilst volunteering with us, just email us and let us know. We will reply to you if there is a position available.

What time should I aim to fly in to Malaga on Sunday and at what time should I aim to fly out?

Before 12pm on Sundays and After 5pm on Fridays are best as you get to have lunch with us on the day the retreat starts and the day the retreat finishes.

What if I cannot find a suitable flight?

It is often cheaper to arrive one day earlier, i.e. on the Saturday or to fly out one day later, ie. on the following Saturday and arranging a night in a hotel in Malaga. It is very easy and cheap to then make your way to or from Malaga airport by bus, taxi or train for pick up or drop off by our transport.

I plan to come a day early or leave a day later or spend the days in between retreat dates in Malaga, what is there to do there?

You can visit the lovely Pablo Picasso museum, walk along the beach in Malaga, visit the ancient Arabic castle of the Alcazaba and the Hamam baths, see the Cathedral, enjoy some tapas or go to one of the lovely vegetarian restaurants there.

Where can I find a good hotel in Malaga?

There are plenty of nice hotels in Malaga to choose from on the website. If you need any help with suggestions just let us know. You can also look on airbnb for other accomodation in Malaga.

What will the weather be like when I come?

You can see extended and monthly weather forecasts for Cómpeta on the accuweather website.

What is the difference between the retreat and a holiday?

A retreat is a place that allows you to get away from the stress of normal life and embrace a type of living that will help you go back with a more positive and peaceful outlook on life. On a holiday you can relax. However on a retreat as well as relaxing you will learn wonderful tools that can help change and improve your life. All we ask is that you work on keeping a positive attitude and a lot of enthusiasm for learning whilst you are at YogaEco Oasis as this will help you get the most out of your retreat stay.