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You may contact us directly or send us a booking request without obligation here. Please let us know what kind of accommodiation you would like to book and if you prefer double or single occupation.


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  2. If you are gluten intolerant please let us know if spelt is fine for you. If you are lactose intolerant is it only cow's products that you avoid or goat's products too?
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  4. Please let us know if you have or have ever had any health conditions such as heart conditions, blood pressure problems, mental health issues, dizziness or so forth. Also if you take any medication at all please let us know which medication. Enter "none" if you have no issues.
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  6. Please let us know if you have any physical injuries such as knee or neck injuries.
  7. Do you smoke at all?
  8. If you are a female student are you pregnant or likely to become pregnant? If you are pregnant please let us know which trimester of the pregnancy you will be in when you arrive.
  1. Please provide details only if you have them now. If not then you can email us up to a week before the retreat starts. We need the flight number and flight time of arrival. This allows us to check for delays when you arrive. If you are staying in hotel in Malaga simply write hotel. Remember that our driver arrives at Malaga airport at 12pm on the Sunday unless we have discussed other specific arrangements for you..
  2. Only if you already have them available. If not then please email us at least a week before the retreat starts. Please specift the flight time for departure. If you are staying in a hotel in Malaga simply write hotel. Remember that our driver will drop you off at Malaga airport at 3pm on the Friday unless specific arrangements have already been discussed..
  3. In case our driver cannot find you and needs to get in touch
  1. Aims -
  2. What are your aims from the retreat?
  3. If you want to learn something not on the previous list please let us know and we will make sure we include it for you so we can really help you work towards your aims.
  4. What is your occupation?
  5. Please let us know what your spiritual beliefs are to help us with preparing your meditation classes.
  6. Please let us know what experience you have had of yoga, meditation and yoga teaching (if any).
  7. How did you find out about the Retreat?
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Booking Retreat

BOOKINGTo book your stay for the Yoga Retreat 6 day / 5 night stay or Weekend, it is required to send 99€ like deposit of the total amount due by bank transfer or other payment options available. Please contact us and we will forward you all the necessary instructions.TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Changes to reservations and cancellation policy. Once the required 99€ deposit for a reservation has been paid, a minimum cancellation fee will be charged. Any change or cancellation must be notified in writing to Yoga Eco Oasis and will become effective upon receipt. For cancellations up to three weeks prior to the date of arrival a fee of 50€ will be deducted from the deposit paid and 75€ for cancellations up to one week before planned arrival. For later cancellations or no-show, the full booking deposit will be charged. There is also a fee of 50 Euros to change a confirmed reservation to other available dates.

Privacy Policy. Yoga Retreats Eco Oasis will protect your privacy at all times and will only use the information provided to offer our services. Eco Oasis does not sell, rent or share information with others without your consent. Eco Oasis reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the contents of courses or programmes. In the event of not being able to provide the course booked we will offer an alternative course or will refund your money.

Observations: It is highly recommended to obtain travel insurance when booking your trip.